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"Miss Greve, Is That You?" Pack of 25

In post-war Cambodia, God's promise of a 'hope and a future' seemed unattainable. Destroyed by years of cruel dictatorship, the nation was reeling and without hope. Yet as missionary Ann Greve discovered, God's plans for restoration are beyond imagination, His vessels perfectly prepared, and His timing impeccable. Tri-fold brochure package of 25

From the 'Killing Fields' Pack of 25

Dareth Ly was only a child when he was interred by the Khmer Rouge in one of Cambodia's notorious death camps. How he survived, was miraculously adopted by a family in the United States, and then returned to his homeland to share the hope of gospel, is a story of undiluted grace. Tri-fold brochure package of 25

Martyrs' Isle Pack of 25

On Vanuatu's Erromango Island, in the heart of the South Pacific, the ultimate sacrifice of missionaries John Williams and Jacob Harris in 1839 at the hands of a murderous tribe is bearing spiritual fruit today. And a miracle of the tides is still a testimony as tangible as the church today's Christians have built. Tri-fold brochure package of 25

Waylaid: How Two Bandits Pack of 25

Accosted at gunpoint one night while traveling a dark forest road, Togolese missionary John Walada was unaware that Someone was preparing to take his captors by total surpriseā€¦and none of them would ever be the same. Tri-fold brochure package of 25

A Missions Family Tree Pack of 25

Scott Hanson's story of missions service encompasses his family's multigenerational commitment to Africa, and is reflected in the narrative of his friends Pastor Balela and Pastor John. A 20-year journey brought spiritual transformation to a re,pte unreached people group and raised up missionaries there to push the gospel into new and challenging mission fields. Tri-fold brochure package of 25

When Fathers Fail Pack of 25

Young Sara was resolute. Her father was coming home. She was so certain that she declined any further prayer over the matter. Missionaries Don and Terri Triplett, who saw Sara's family disintegrate a few years earlier when her father ran away with another woman, could only stand by and trust. Tri-fold brochure package of 25

No Enemy Can Stand Pack of 25

Deep in the brush of Togo, evil spirits rule and villagers live in terror. But evil spirits are no match for the power of Christ when believers faithfully proclaim the gospel. Tri-fold brochure package of 25

Faithful to Her Savior Pack of 25

Forcibly separated from her children because of her newfound faith, a North African woman had only Jesus to help her bear the misery inflicted on her. Tri-fold brochure package of 25

Saved from Suicide Pack of 25

A Northern Asian man felt that he had become a "sweep star" - a source of bad luck to himself and everyone around him. His despair was so deep that he began to wish for death and hell. Tri-fold brochure package of 25