Northern Asia

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Priority 31 Prayers Wristband

Prayer bracelets for selected Priority 31 unreached people groups of China.

Unreached People Group Prayer Cards

A beautiful tool encouraging prayer for one of the Priority 31 unreached people groups. Four groups with every 100 cards.

Live Dead Video Resource Drives

Great for highlighting China and missions at your next event. The videos in this kit feature stories of pioneer missionaries, Chinese testimonies, ministry highlights, and urgent needs in the Northern Asia Region.

Live Dead China Card (Pack of 100)

Information and prayer direction on the Live Dead China initiative. For more information visit 100 for $15.00

BGMC Project Gift Catalog (Pack of 50)

Especially for Kids Church! A great tool for helping your kids understand how their BGMC giving can help change lives in China! Package of 50.

Live Dead China Wristband (Pack of 100)

Prayer bracelets to remind you to pray for Live|Dead and the unreached in Northern Asia.